30 July 2009

Make it stop

Portland is suffering through a week-long heat wave, triple digits since Monday, we're actually all excited today that it "only" reached 95.

I've been watering sometimes twice a day, but there's only so much water can do. Did what I could to create makeshift shade for those plants that looked particularly affected, but I may lose a couple a things.

It's snowpocalypse all over again, but with neverending sun. That's climate change for you.

23 July 2009

Summer, Summertime

And the living is easy.

Not exactly. The Garden blog has been quiet lately not because the garden needs no attention but because so many other things are demanding it. Pleasant things. Birthdays and camping and outdoor movies and hula hooping.

And enjoying just being in the garden. It's lovely.

19 July 2009

Tasks - 7/19/09


* Finished weeding North fence strip.

* Pruned laurel coming over North fence.

* Snap pea bed: weeded, deadheaded both shasta daisies to encourage more blooms, began removing dead snap pea greens.

* Continued to work on "potting shed" area: dug up more blackberry vines, weeded other invaders, set up bamboo screen, and put down some hay.

07 July 2009

Tasks - 7/7/09


* Dug up 4 granddaddy blackberry roots in the soil under the bathroom window.

* Removed some of the blackberry vines that are over-growing into the side yard.

05 July 2009

Before & After - Blueberries

Tonight's dessert!

June 3

July 5

Tasks - 7/3-5/09

This weekend:

95+ degree weather in Portland severely limited my big garden plans for this weekend. Bummer.

* Finished pruning all tomatoes, and weeded their beds.

* Finished pruning and deadheading Spanish lavender.

* Weeded most of the strip along the North fence, and planted nasturtiums.

* Weeded volunteers from the kiwi bed.

* Weeded lavender walk.

* Made a memorial planter for beloved puddy Manx (RIP 12/03/07) with black mondo and a cool rock.

Manx Memorial