27 November 2009

Tasks - 11/27/09


* Assisted JW as he cleaned the blocked gutter drain. Yay!

* Covered the picnic table and benches.

The birds & the bees

I grow sunflowers because they're pretty and easy -- and useful! Near the end of the summer, whichever sunflowers have grown strong and tall stay in the ground while the others are cut for vases or pruned away.

The ones left become food for birds and bees. Bees like the pollen and birds like the seeds.

Birds will eat the seeds well into late Fall. Usually some time in November, I chop the sunflowers down and put the dry husks and stalks into the compost.

25 November 2009

Tasks - 11/25/09


* Added used coffee grounds to blueberry bed.

* Moved small frame from front yard to next to blueberry bed. Filled it with dirt, compost, and used coffee grounds. Planted a new blueberry bush -- Northblue, a mid-season semi-dwarf -- in this small bed.

24 November 2009

Tasks - 11/24/09

With several days off around Thanksgiving, I'm hoping the weather will cooperate so I can get some things done outside (and in).


* Unhooked water hoses and left to drain down driveway.

* Pruned neighbor's laurel that's growing through and over the fence in the backyard. Placed leaves and branches on strip of dirt along fence as way to keep weeds down.

* Pruned dead growth off all lavenders.

07 November 2009

Tasks - 11/7/09


* Pruned all the roses.

* Removed eucalyptus from front yard -- all but the rootball (a spring task).

* Weeded the blueberry bed.

* Cut back the maximillions.

* Cut back some driveway overgrowth.

* Moved worms from a worm bin to the rotating composter.

* Tomato bed in back yard: Removed plants & cages; planted cover crop (hairy vetch) and placed grate and bamboo skewers for cat protection.

* Removed tomato plant from small bed in front yard.