25 January 2010

Rip van weather

January 2010 in Portland, Oregon, is 6 degrees warmer than the normal average for January -- the second warmest January on record, going back to the mid-1800's. Furthermore, long range forecasts indicate February will be the same.

Winter is over.

And if January is acting like March, that means I'm 6 weeks behind in the garden.

23 January 2010

Tasks - 1/23/10


* Continued cleaning and organizing basement. Working on shelves near staircase, which is the majority of items in the basement.

* Began cleaning both BBQs -- one my first Weber, the other a small portable camp stove found on the "freewalk" (walking around the neighborhood, finding free stuff on the sidewalk). Gave the second, bigger Weber to Darrell in exchange for a couch.

* Pruned the honeysuckle bush.

* Pruned spent flowers off the lilac, and cut back some ivy threatening to choke it.

* Looked for hosta buds, nothing yet.

22 January 2010

Gardening in the Inside

With only so much free time to spare, in the past several years, I've given priority to the garden. So much so that my house looks like I just moved in.

As an attempt at some kind of accountability begets progress, I've decided to "garden blog" my house projects. I'm gardening the Inside.

First up: Get the basement clean and in order. Twice before organized, and twice obliterated, first by a thoughtless boy and second by an insulation project, I'm hoping the third time is the charm.


16 January 2010

Tasks - 1/16/10


* Assessed the yard.

* Pruned on the sidewalk strip: butterfly bush, 2 Russian sages, crabapple tree.

* Pruned some of the ivy growing over the fence along the driveway. Some = a yard debris bag.

Gardenbooty 2010 !

Geared up and trudged out into the misty rain this morning. It's pretty warm for January, a good day to begin pruning. Had a mild panic attack looking around the yard and calculating the length of the to-do list. Yikes!

The expected carnage from December's freeze seems -- so far -- to be low. Lost a $1.50 rosemary and probably the Japanese cedar, but it was ill-fated to begin with. Roses are ok. But I think my edgeworthia has root rot. That's sad. I cry.

Mushrooms abound on old wood stacked by firepit

Thankfully it started to rain hard so I had an excuse to go back inside and worry about all this another day -- like tomorrow.