27 September 2009

Tasks - 9/20/09


* Walked the whole lot, making a to-do list. It took 2 hours, 12 pages, and sharpening my pencil 6 times.

* Weeded and pruned kiwi bed, removed spent squash plants, added more soil & compost, sowed seeds of arugula Italian Wild Garden Rocket.

* Composted spent herbs in pots by the kitchen door, cleaned pots to store in basement.

13 September 2009

Tasks - 9/12/09


* Gathered seeds from several plants for sowing next year.

* Continued working on potting shed area, digging up blackberry roots and putting down a floor of straw.

* Pruned tomato plants, and harvested as many ripe or near-ripe fruit as possible to make sauce for freezing.