27 February 2010

Tasks - 2/27/10


* Sowed seeds into blank spot in the kiwi bed: poppy Shirley Single blend. These may too old to come up, but if they don't, I'll do nasturtiums in that spot instead.

* Cleared out compost tumbler onto ground beneath, prepped for new batch.

* Engaged in "grab'n'go" weeding: In other words, weeding in a tangential and haphazard manner. The unusually early & warm weather has caused the weeds to get out of control already. But I don't really want to weed unless I can mulch at the same time. Need to get on that!

* Finally finished removing the old potted pine from yard.

* Noticed root rot on Manx memorial mondo. :(  Must be a drainage problem. Removed dying mondo.

* Removed edgeworthia, also dying from root rot. Also sad. :(

* Removed more branches from dead eucalyptus in backyard. The wood is brittle and easy to pull down and snap into pieces. The remaining two branches are large however, and will require a cunning plan.

21 February 2010

Tasks - 2/20/10

This weekend:

* Weeded hellebore bed

* Weeded kiwi bed -- kiwi survived December's freeze!

* Weeded herb bed

* Removed new blackberry growth from all parts of yard

* Cut back some encroaching ivy

* Pruned laurel growing over north fence

08 February 2010

Before & After - Basement

Cleaning and organizing the basement - Quadrant 1 - Before:

Mess, quadrant 1

Much better