28 February 2009

Red tag moola

How did I populate an entire 6x2 bed for $15? Using a few strategies, one of which is Red Tag Sales.

Near the end of the garden season, roughly October, nurseries mark down leftover plants 35-50% off. Good time to save if you can get them in the ground fast and the weather holds. I've done it, but I prefer to comb through the February leftover leftover plants. These red tag sales are usually 75% off, and the weather is improving instead of marching towards possible snowpocalypse.

Granted, most of the time I'm buying what looks like a tub of dirt because the plant hasn't woken up yet. I trust the plastic descriptive tag. Sometimes I am betrayed. But, hey, I can always move it, give it away, or compost it. I only paid $2 for it.

p.s. Ok, ok, sometimes the sale tags are orange. Pedants go home!

2/28/09 - Tasks


* Revised garden to-do list.

* Emptied lint bucket into compost bins.

* Pruned the two roses on sidewalk strip. Both were pruned well in September. Today I trimmed off storm damage. New leaves showing, slightly open.

* Pruned butterfly bush on sidewalk strip, which was planted last fall -- before the Oregon ban went into affect (more on this in another post). Pruning normally wouldn't be necessary now, but wanted to get rid of storm damage. New leaves open.

* Assessed storm damage on both eucalyptus. Front yard tree will be removed. Back yard tree will get more time before I decide.

* Went to Garden Fever.

Crocus unfurled

Pushing the Middlesex reference firmly from my mind, I do like a little crocus.

These lemon/butter yellow crocii were planted very late in '08, after Thanksgiving maybe, hmm... not sure. **That's why I'm doing a garden journal** I'm happy to see them thrive despite the late start and the Christmas snowpocalypse.

But, then, I've always heard a hard freeze is good for bulbs. Shrug. Perhaps the daffodils and tulips will lend more evidence in the next few weeks.

I planted these crocii near groups first planted in October '07. Those first groups are bright yellow with maroon stripes. I plant yellow in memory of a college acquaintance who died under mysterious circumstances during the '92 "No on 9" campaign. That fall, we planted yellow crocus all over the Reed College campus, and in the spring they bloomed for him. They still do.

27 February 2009

Free cake!

Garden Fever -- my favorite small, neighborhood nursery -- is having a birthday party Saturday & Sunday. Celebrate with cake and great garden deals.

3433 NE 24th Ave

Last frost, again

Off to a late start this year, no pruning, no peas, no bare strawberries. But Friday morning's surprise frost was like hitting the reset button for me. The Garden Year begins!