29 June 2014

23 June 2014

All about almonds

I was gifted two almond trees quite a few years ago, and they remain in their pots -- another item on my never-ending list of garden shame.

But they're doing okay, so maybe I'll get around to planting them this Fall... Maybe....

Last year (2013), for the first time, they produced several fruits. Here are a couple of photos and my notes at the time:

"When the sap oozes out it's a sign that the outer husk will soon split. That's when I'm supposed to harvest. Or so the Internet tells me. This is the first year the trees have produced any almonds."

"Sure enough, the internet was right. After some oozing sap, the outer hull (a fruit?) split, revealing the almond." 

"The internet tells me to let the freshly harvested almond dry in the sun. This should form a hard shell which can be cracked, revealing what we eat and call an 'almond'."

Which I did. Crack and eat. Sorry, not photos of that.  This year (2014) there is only 1 fruit on one tree. I think because we had a pounding rain and hail storm at the time when the trees were setting baby fruit.

18 June 2014

Crocosmia... creepy