01 May 2015


So... turns out you can get tennis elbow even if you don't play tennis. You can get it from doing a whole lotta yard work, especially with the repetitive motions involved in weeding, pulling up blackberries, and wielding hand shears like a ninja.

So... I'm not going to be working in the garden for two, possibly three weeks. And I need to rethink my work pattern so this doesn't happen again.

UPDATE May 29:  So, 3 weeks is looking more like 3 months. I'm in physical therapy now and making great progress, but I have to accept that the risk of re-injury will be great this year.  Gardenbooty has ceased for 2015.

I can still do a few things with my left hand only and my boyfriend is helping with the absolute necessities. My hope is that the fantastic progress I made this year will mostly hold and in 2016 I can pick up where I left off, but with a different work pattern. No more 3-day weekends.