28 March 2015

Long weekend

OMG, the grass is so high already!  I'll do this instead:

  • weeded dahlia bed
  • finished make-shift border work on back beds
  • trimmed the all-consuming rosemary (front yard)
  • worked on removing the dead lilac
  • weeded crocosmia bed
  • weeded blueberry beds
  • researched splitting mugwort
  • tidied potting area
  • worked on pebble border (raised back beds)
  • moved lime cedar
  • began removing mimosa in front
  • weeded area around fern & hellebore
  • worked on cleaning up basement steps
  • weeded the sidewalk strip
Then take an epsolm salt bath.

07 March 2015

Get with the get down

Gardenbooty.  Shake it around.

  • Removed soil from strip against basement wall
  • Turned compost
  • Tidied potting area
  • Pruned & weeded lavender walk
  • Moved echinacea on sidewalk strip
  • Flagged back corner hostas (to visualize for moving)
  • Worked on removing dead lilac
  • Weed/mulch fence strip
  • Weed/mulch winterberry area 
  • Weeded sidewalk strip
  •  Mulched transplanted fern
  • Tidied potting area
  • Weeded crocosmia bed 
  • Weed/mulch back Russian sage
  • Planted arugula seeds in herb bed
  • Weeded dahlia bed
  • Attacked blackberries
  • Dug up & split one hosta into halves
  • Took hosta half to neighbor
  • Drank a glass of "job well done" prosecco