25 April 2015

More mugwort

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18 April 2015

Sunny days

This weekend I:
  • Weeded herb bed
  • Worked on herb bed's border
  • Continued work on removing blackberries down to the grandfather roots
  • Weeded & mulched the fern/hellebore area
  • Continued to weed & mulch the North fence strip
  • Worked on the walk between the two raised beds
  • Continued weeding peony area
  • Continued weeding crocosmia bed
  • Continued wedding sidewalk strip

10 April 2015

April's Over May So June

Tasks this weekend:
  • Weeded Russian sage on back garage strip
  • Weeded walk between the back beds
  • Considered how to mulch strawberries since I have no straw, hmm
  • Worked on triangle beds
  • Weeded garage strip
  • Continued removing boxwood
  • Considered iris bed
  • Worked on digging up blackberry roots
  • Worked on weeding and mulching North fence strip
  • Planted one parsley in herb bed
  • Emptied two worm bins into compost pile
  • Readied one bin to be used again (the other will be cleaned for recycling)
  • Planted two sweetpeas
  • Weeded two raised beds - decided one is for tomato, the other?
  • Planted two bachelor buttons

06 April 2015

Organized. Bona Fide.


04 April 2015

Another weekend - bit by bit

Between warming, drying, coffee-drinking sessions, I managed to:

  • work on the pebble border (a tedious task I should probably give up on, ROI-wise)
  • continue removing butterfly bush on sidewalk strip
  • weed the walk between the raised beds
  • move blue-flowering groundcover plant (name?) from North strip to under ash tree
  • weed the crocosmia bed
  • begin reclaiming* North fence strip
  • thin arugula seedlings
  • check recently transplanted lime cedar
  • go to Garden Fever for: sweetpeas, bachelor buttons, parsley
  • weed winterberry area
* Reclaim - when "weed" isn't a strong enough word.


Usually the mugwort comes up, blooms, and begins to fade before I even realize it's there. But with the early warm weather this year, I'm out in the yard early. Early enough to see the magic mugwort.